A Bit About Us


Founded in 2001 …

…starting off with just two employees, we are now over 100 and growing. With restaurants throughout the Portland metro area, including the Moda Center, Cha! Cha! Cha! is where everyone goes when desiring the most healthy and authentic Mexican food.


The Mission

To provide healthy, delicious Mexican cuisine using only the freshest and most sustainable ingredients available all while staying true to traditional Mexican cooking values. Our meats are antibiotic and hormone-free and are fed all-vegetarian diets. Our seafood is verified and certified by Monterrey Bay Aquarium’s, Seafood Watch organization. Our vegetables are all organic and GMO-free.


Some of our Purveyors

Painted Hills Farms: Free-range, grass-fed beef.

Carlton Farms Pork: Fed an all-vegetarian diet, without hormones, animal proteins, or growth accelerants.

Wayne Farms Chicken. Cage-free and completely traceable to the family farm. Fed an all organic, vegetarian diet.

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Health and Sustainability

Clean Cooking: We use no artificial ingredients, no food dyes, letting the food be the focus and allowing the natural flavors to shine through.  True home-style cooking!

Antibiotic Free: The animals are not given antibiotics at any point in their lifetime. Antibiotics have come into use in the industrial food production process because livestock and poultry are kept in close, closed quarters where disease spreads easily. Antibiotics in meat and poultry have been suggested to increase the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Click HERE for more on antibiotic threats.

Hormone-Free: Animals are never given artificial hormones to increase growth or milk production. It has been suggested that consuming meats/poultry that have been raised with artificial growth hormones (such as bovine growth hormone rBGH) has had effects in humans in terms of early puberty development and other issues.

Food Alliance Certification: Certifying organization that rates purveyors based on their production practices in four main areas: pest and disease management, soil and water conservation, human resource management, and wildlife habitat conservation.

Organic and GMO-Free: All of our foods, including corn, flour, dried peppers, fresh vegetables, and beans are certified organic and free from GMOs and preservatives.